Friday, May 05, 2006

A Blog...I have a Blog!

My first blog entry...I've been inspired by my friend Curtis who is currently studying Chinese in the most appropriate place, you guessed it, CHINA. Anyways...I haven't really visited his site for a long while, and then went on to see how he was doing. He always has the coolest things up there. And its pretty interesting and a good way to experience China in his eyes. But anyways...I just know this blog thing will take up some time, so when I get bored at probably when I'll be filling in whats going on. my everyday thoughts. Lately the main thing that has been bothering me are gas's been getting pretty bad here in San Diego. Gas is now at least $3.50 a gallon. Which to me is really cutting into my small and tight budget. I've decided to do a carpool at work and also thinking of buying a bike to bike around nearby places. I know a couple of my friends from back home that already bought bikes for this reason. What also sucks here in Southern California is the public transportation. We really have no other option than to drive to places. I wish we had some sort of metro system here in San Diego, but I guess everything is too widespread. Hopefully the gas prices will drop...but looking at who we have as president...I highly doubt it.


DJ Loo said...

Go Happy Hippos! Now I will always be in the know when it comes to San Diego happenings. It's too bad your blog is blocked in China!

lily said...

Why is that?