Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm finally TwentySexy

Oh how I love vegas!!! This past weekend was my TwentySexy Birthday in Vegas. I think everything went perfect!! Friday night we went to Jimmy Buffet's MargaritaVille!! Love that place...they have the best mango daquari, yummy yum yum, and the food was pretty good too. Friday night also included...going out to the PURE at Ceaser's Palace...highlights include: seeing DJ AM, drinking beer, getting drunk, spilling drinks, and dancing the night away.
Saturday was my favorite...highlights include: losing $60 gambling, Bellagio Buffet, Zumanity at NYNY hotel (it is not a sex show, but rather a show of open sexuality, LOVED IT), more beer, Amarula, Midori Sours, My buddy winning the jackpot at Bellagio --> VIP treatment into the LIGHT, dancing, drinking some more, and dancing the night away.
Sunday --> woke up...showered...ate at 'wichcraft sandwiches owned by Chef Tom Coliccio from Top Chef!! YUMMY if your ever at the MGM grand you gotta get a sandwich there. Rest of the day was spent in traffic heading home to LA!!
It was the best birthday ever!! Thank you to my girls who made it so much fun...Thanks Zeela, Heidi, Kay, and Cindy!!

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Heidi said...

HECK YEAH!!! it was THE best vegas trip! woohoo...and congratulations on finally did you say it? "twenty sexy!" by the way nice page =)..and that happy hippo doesn't look like looks more like a toy..=P