Monday, June 19, 2006

Love for the CA burrito

This is for my Mexican Foodless friend in China. Poor poor Curtisito. I feel very lucky to live down here in San Diego and get to eat some really good Mexican food. I do love food of all kinds, but there is just something about california burritos, carne asada fries, tamales, and quesadillas that just tops a drunken night of partying. So this is my little blog in honor of good food!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Company Picnic Crashers

This past weekend I went rollerblading with a friend of mine at Mission Bay/PB...(thanks Ryan for a great workout!)What I thought would only be an hour or so outing became about a 3 or 4 hour outing with no sun block on me except my I have my second sunburn in my life!! It hurts, but it will go away soon. I found out that Mission Bay and Pacific is actually very very large. It was a really pretty day and tons of people out at the beach. Lots of guys with their shirts off and funny nipples. we are rollerblading...we find a company picnic going on... with the help of Ryan's encouragement we took off our rollerblades tucked them under a bench and headed into the picnic...we ended up getting free lunch which included BBQ, ice cream and cookies, and drinks! Pretty sweet. Then continued on with our rollerblading adventures! I think I will try to crash every company picnic I see for now on...just to see which company has the better food.

Monday, June 05, 2006

What is the most yummiest of all??

The other night I went with a couple of girlfriends to BJ's for what??? The most yummiest of all...THE PIZOOKIE!! It is a creation that I can't get enough of...a freshly baked cookie topped with vanilla bean ice cream. I've decided that I'm having the pizookie for my wedding cake instead of an actual cake. I figured from all the weddings I've been to, no one really cares about the cake as much...and cake is always my favorite part. So now for my wedding if I ever have will be a pizookie! I've always had the chocolate chuck pizookie, but recently discovered that the white chocolate macadamia one is much better...I'll have to try thte peanut butter one next. Check out the gigantic PIZOOKIE below!! Yum...