Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Company Picnic Crashers

This past weekend I went rollerblading with a friend of mine at Mission Bay/PB...(thanks Ryan for a great workout!)What I thought would only be an hour or so outing became about a 3 or 4 hour outing with no sun block on me except my I have my second sunburn in my life!! It hurts, but it will go away soon. I found out that Mission Bay and Pacific is actually very very large. It was a really pretty day and tons of people out at the beach. Lots of guys with their shirts off and funny nipples. we are rollerblading...we find a company picnic going on... with the help of Ryan's encouragement we took off our rollerblades tucked them under a bench and headed into the picnic...we ended up getting free lunch which included BBQ, ice cream and cookies, and drinks! Pretty sweet. Then continued on with our rollerblading adventures! I think I will try to crash every company picnic I see for now on...just to see which company has the better food.

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