Friday, July 07, 2006

Cristiano Ronaldo Anyone?

Around the world everyone is watching the World Cup in Germany. Every other country is obsessed over it, my Dad in Thailand said people don't even sleep around there to watch the games. But good ol' U.S. of A, no one really watches it so much here. Soccer isn't so big here...and I never really watch any games besides the World Cup matches, and even this year I only watched a few games...Italy vs. USA, Ghana vs. Cze, Portugal vs. England, and USA vs. Ghana. All pretty exciting games. But I have found a new reason for watching the games and it has to do with those fine young men kicking that ball around. And one fine young man Cristiano Ronaldo...boy is he cute...he plays for Manchester United and currently playing in the World Cup for Portugal. Can you blame a girl for watching a game that he is in??? NO!!! He's cute. Take a look! He's my new boy crush.

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