Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Movie Reviews

I've watched a bunch of movies recently...both in the theatre and also on DVD. And here is a recap of what I think about each movie...I think the last time I mentioned a movie in my blog was for Superman which I loved...and since then I've also loved:
1. Pirates: Great movie...I ended up watching it opening day...not knowing that they have such a huge fan following. We had to wait in line for a really long time!! But the movie was soooooo good. I think I liked the first one better and the only complaint that I had with the movie was the grossness of the sea-people/monsters on DavyJone's ship...and also the gross looking octopus creature!! Ewww. But other than was filled with adventure and I loved the ending, can't wait till the third one comes out!! Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrows = Hilarious and adventurous movie.
2. Step Up: Now...I only liked this movie because I love to dance and I love these teeny bopper type of movies. This movie was extremely cheesy with a plot that has been done so many times...but I loved it anyways!! The guy in this movie is absolutely HOT...Channing Tatum. Both actors were okay in the acting ability part...but the dancing was good and it was overall a feel good type of movie. Cheesy + Predictable + Hot guy dancing = Fun movie to watch.
3. Little Miss Sunshine: Probably one of the best movies I've watched in a long time...absolutely cracked up laughing almost throughout the whole movie. Sort of a dark comedy genre...but more comedy than dark. Don't want to give too much away, but each character in this dysfunctional family are great. At the end your just happy that every matter what they go through and no matter how wacky they are...they are still family and its always good to have family. Plus the little girl in the movie is so adorable...she cracks me up. Little girl beauty pageants = BAD, Stripper dancing = GOOD.

And now the movies I watched on DVD:
1. She's the Man: Another teeny bopper movie, and the only reason I watched it, is because Channing Tatum is in it, the guy from Step Up. This movie was funny...and Amanda Bynes is real good in it. Channing Tatum + Soccer=Hot guy, so who cares, just watch the movie.
2. Love Jones: Good movie...about love...about dumb boys stubborn girls could be...I don't think I'd watch it again.
3. Chasing Papi: I watched this one also because of the actor in it...Eduardo something...he's hot. But I totally ended up falling for the three girls in it...they are so funny. You don't really have to be latino to understand or relate to the characters... its funny. Plus the girl from Pussycat dolls is in it...The Real Miss Puerto Rico.
4. Hustle and Flow: I borrowed this one from Heidi...thanks Heidi! It was an interesting movie. Not really my type of movie to watch...but I don't think it was bad at all. Its not easy being a pimp.
5. Pretty Persuasion: Extremely dark comedy...a bit too dark for me and more dark than comedy. It's interesting though, but maybe too much for me...I didn't seem to get it as much, so if anyone has seen this movie...please give me some more insight?? Don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it...but did you think she only did it for revenge of the boy? or was it also part of the death of her brother? or both or just to be famous? I don't get it.

Okay...thats my movie review!! thats all I've seen so far in the past month...which I'd have to say is a lot for me. GO WATCH LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE...its the best movie!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Alex's survey...A to Z!

So...I know I've been slacking on the blogging...I have a lot I would like to put down in here...but I've been super busy recently, so I'm gonna do a short little fun questionnaire from my friend and then hopefully sometime this weekend I shall update the blog with more random stuff. Perhaps more on food or something.

Body: Body: A-Z:

A - Age: twenty sexy
A - Available: Fortunately for all the HOT guys out there...YES, and the not so HOT guys out there...Sure why not.

B - Beer: Horray Beer!
B - Birthday: May 21

C - Car: 05 MB C230K...its fun to drive!
C - Candy: California Crunch at See's ... or the peanut butter pretzels with chocolate at Trader Joe's or gummis

D - Day or night: Day
D - Dog or cat?: dog

E - Easiest person to talk to: Heidi
E - E-mail: gmail

F - Favorite month: May...December because of winter break
F - Favorite color: purple

G - Gummy Bears or worms: tough one...I perfer cocacola bottles
G - Giver or taker: I'm a giver...I enjoy getting people stuff I know will make them happy.

H - Hair Color: Black
H - Hot Dogs or Hamburgers: Hot Dogs...especially the ones at costco for $1.50 with a drink...or dodger dogs.

I - Ice Cream: Love all ice cream...especially cold stones or Baseball Nut at Baskin Robbins.
I - Instrument: I played the flute and trombone in high school. I can play the Korean Folk Song on the piano.

J - Job: research
J - Jail: Never been, never plan to.

K - Kid(s): None...but I got my little cousins that keep me busy and keep my wallet empty.
K - Kindergarten: It's been awhile...I don't remember where I went ... But I think it was New Life.

L - Longest Car Ride: San Francisco Trip...One is way past due...I think I shall go again in September
L - Longest relationship: 4 years...he broke my heart that bastard! But I'd have to say I am so much happier without him.

M - Most comfortable spot: the pool or my bed or my car or the couch...can't decide. All is good.
M - Movie Last Watched: Little Miss Sunshine!!! Funniest movie I've watched in a long time...if you like that dark comedy type! I highly recommend it.

N - Number of Siblings: 1 little sister...she's the best sister anyone could ask for.
N - Number of Tattoos: 1

O - One fear: being alone
O - One regret: Not being able to tell certain people how I really feel about them

P - Pet Peeves: Dramatic people
P - Part of your Personality you like best: I like to laugh and have fun...anywhere and with anyone!! Make the best out of what you have is what I always try to do and always look on the brighter side. I'm not a downer!!

Q - Quiet or Loud: I'm more on the quiet side. Sort of shy if I don't know you.
Q - Quick or Slow: quick with most things...slow with others.

R - Reason to smile: good friends and good family.
R - Reality TV Show: i must admit, i like almost all of them...sad I know...but shall I list them??? Amazing race, top chef, so you think you can dance, project runway, real worlds, workout, queer eye, fresh meat, hell's kitchen, sometimes american idol, what not to wear, and simple life. I know its sad...I'm hooked what can i say.

S - Song Last Heard: Matt Costa Cold December
S - Shoes: I'm at work so its work shoes...New Balance tennis shoes.

T - Time you woke up: 7:30am..snoozed till 8am
T - Time Now: 1:30 pm

U - Unpredictable: sometimes
U - Underwear: I have a lot of fun panties! It's always fun to get funky panties.

V - Vegetable you love: zuchini
V - Vacation spot: Tahiti or Costa Rica or Mexico or South Africa or New Zealand or Egypt or Europe...too many I wanna go to all of them one day.

W- Worst Habit: Burping
W- Weather right now: its getting sunny but a bit overcast this morning by the ocean, it better warm up because I go for my swim tomorrow at the cove.

X - X-rays: I don't like to break bones or be in a situation where I need one.

Y - Year you were born: 1980
Y - Year it is now: 2006....

Z - Zoo Animal: I love the favorite is the hippo or the panda.
Z - Zodiac Sign: gemini

woops...time to go get some fro yo, its peach today...yummy. Shimmy Shimmy.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

NoReBang = Korean Karaoke

no re bang

I found this video on my friend's myspace page. I absolutely fell in love with these two Korean Girls!! They are so funny!! Just watch it...and you'll understand why they are just pure genius. I wish I could dance and sing like that!! With practice...I think I might be making my own music dance video...who's in??? And if I ever do find a partner to do this video with...I shall debut it on my blog and let me know what you think.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hooray Beer

Red Stripe Beer commercial... Not a fabric softner!! I love these makes me happy.

Spooning is fun for all

Originally uploaded by lasawapo10.
My friend has the cutest little maltese doggy...luggi!! He's so cute. And she had the cutest picture of him asleep spooning a little stuffed animal. It just goes to show that everyone enjoys a little spooning from time to time, even the doggies. I would have to say its always fun to cuddle, especially if its with someone or something soft and warm like in luggi's case.

Apple Pancakes anyone?

This weekend I had such a great time with my friends coming down to san diego from LA. One good reason for staying in San Diego is for good food. I love how there are so many little great places to eat down here. I've discovered a lot of little yummy places, and its always fun to find new foods to eat. We discovered a new place for breakfast...and they have the best pancakes...especially the APPLE PANCAKES!! So yummy...its called, Richard Walker's Pancake House. I would have to say everything we had there was good...along with the apple pancakes...we had the omelets...also very yummy and crunchy...and the bacon pancakes...and they have great bacon. Although the hash browns were just okay!! I would have to say if your ever in town...and you ever want good breakfast!! It's the best.