Monday, August 07, 2006

Apple Pancakes anyone?

This weekend I had such a great time with my friends coming down to san diego from LA. One good reason for staying in San Diego is for good food. I love how there are so many little great places to eat down here. I've discovered a lot of little yummy places, and its always fun to find new foods to eat. We discovered a new place for breakfast...and they have the best pancakes...especially the APPLE PANCAKES!! So yummy...its called, Richard Walker's Pancake House. I would have to say everything we had there was good...along with the apple pancakes...we had the omelets...also very yummy and crunchy...and the bacon pancakes...and they have great bacon. Although the hash browns were just okay!! I would have to say if your ever in town...and you ever want good breakfast!! It's the best.

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Heidi said...

HECK YEAH!!! it was the best breakfast ever! we are DEFINITELY going back there! i loved it! im sad we don't have a richard walkers up in LA