Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Movie Reviews

I've watched a bunch of movies recently...both in the theatre and also on DVD. And here is a recap of what I think about each movie...I think the last time I mentioned a movie in my blog was for Superman which I loved...and since then I've also loved:
1. Pirates: Great movie...I ended up watching it opening day...not knowing that they have such a huge fan following. We had to wait in line for a really long time!! But the movie was soooooo good. I think I liked the first one better and the only complaint that I had with the movie was the grossness of the sea-people/monsters on DavyJone's ship...and also the gross looking octopus creature!! Ewww. But other than was filled with adventure and I loved the ending, can't wait till the third one comes out!! Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrows = Hilarious and adventurous movie.
2. Step Up: Now...I only liked this movie because I love to dance and I love these teeny bopper type of movies. This movie was extremely cheesy with a plot that has been done so many times...but I loved it anyways!! The guy in this movie is absolutely HOT...Channing Tatum. Both actors were okay in the acting ability part...but the dancing was good and it was overall a feel good type of movie. Cheesy + Predictable + Hot guy dancing = Fun movie to watch.
3. Little Miss Sunshine: Probably one of the best movies I've watched in a long time...absolutely cracked up laughing almost throughout the whole movie. Sort of a dark comedy genre...but more comedy than dark. Don't want to give too much away, but each character in this dysfunctional family are great. At the end your just happy that every matter what they go through and no matter how wacky they are...they are still family and its always good to have family. Plus the little girl in the movie is so adorable...she cracks me up. Little girl beauty pageants = BAD, Stripper dancing = GOOD.

And now the movies I watched on DVD:
1. She's the Man: Another teeny bopper movie, and the only reason I watched it, is because Channing Tatum is in it, the guy from Step Up. This movie was funny...and Amanda Bynes is real good in it. Channing Tatum + Soccer=Hot guy, so who cares, just watch the movie.
2. Love Jones: Good movie...about love...about dumb boys stubborn girls could be...I don't think I'd watch it again.
3. Chasing Papi: I watched this one also because of the actor in it...Eduardo something...he's hot. But I totally ended up falling for the three girls in it...they are so funny. You don't really have to be latino to understand or relate to the characters... its funny. Plus the girl from Pussycat dolls is in it...The Real Miss Puerto Rico.
4. Hustle and Flow: I borrowed this one from Heidi...thanks Heidi! It was an interesting movie. Not really my type of movie to watch...but I don't think it was bad at all. Its not easy being a pimp.
5. Pretty Persuasion: Extremely dark comedy...a bit too dark for me and more dark than comedy. It's interesting though, but maybe too much for me...I didn't seem to get it as much, so if anyone has seen this movie...please give me some more insight?? Don't want to ruin it for people who haven't seen it...but did you think she only did it for revenge of the boy? or was it also part of the death of her brother? or both or just to be famous? I don't get it.

Okay...thats my movie review!! thats all I've seen so far in the past month...which I'd have to say is a lot for me. GO WATCH LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE...its the best movie!

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Heidi said...

hahah yeah...i just got it because it was 3 for 25 and it was the only other movie i kinda wanted to got good reviews...but i didn't really like it either..i guess it is kinda hard to relate know what ..being asian girls from the suburbs =/