Monday, August 07, 2006

Spooning is fun for all

Originally uploaded by lasawapo10.
My friend has the cutest little maltese doggy...luggi!! He's so cute. And she had the cutest picture of him asleep spooning a little stuffed animal. It just goes to show that everyone enjoys a little spooning from time to time, even the doggies. I would have to say its always fun to cuddle, especially if its with someone or something soft and warm like in luggi's case.


Heidi said...

i LOVE this picture!! how cute is he?!?! i say i should put it on the stamps where you can send in a picture and they put it on stamps..i think i just may do that! and his name is NOT luggi! haha that's like the's lukie!

Heidi said...

And i must say you're right...spooning is fun for all..wish i had someone to spoon! haha or to spoon me

lily said...

me too!!