Friday, September 08, 2006

Boys are Stupid

I completely sound like a little high school girl ... "Boys are stupid" ... But seriously, I just don't get them. I don't think I'll ever understand guys. It's true that women are from venus and Men are from Mars. I figured that I'm a grown adult, and I would be able to talk to guys in a mature and grownup manner, however that is not the case. Especially if I like the guy or think he's cute. I get too nervous. Maybe its just me...I see tons of girls out there with guys...and I always wonder to myself...why can't I get a guy?? Whats wrong with me??? But after talking to a bunch of girlfriends...I've realized that its not me...and the question that I ask myself is always, "what is with boys?? and why do they have to be so stupid??" The thing is...I've broken up with my ex-boyfriend now for about a year and half...thats plenty of time to get over him and move onto the next guy. I think I pretty much have the getting over him part down...but just haven't found the next guy part yet. After being with my ex for 4 was pretty hard to get back into the singles scene again. And dating...thats so difficult...I've been on a few dates since the breakup and each one has gone pretty bad at one point or another...
1. Belly rubbing guy...some guy who just wanted to rub bellies...gross.
2. Coupon guy...we went to Rubios and he used a coupon on a value he had no opinions of his own and didn't vote during the presidential elections...I'm not very political, but please VOTE!!
3. Wierd kiss and leave guy...I went out with this guy a couple of times, and the last time I saw him, I said goodbye, went for a hug, and got a smack on the lips type kiss from him and then he walked goodbye...just an awkward moment for me. you can see, its just been a struggle for me to find someone decent. But I did meet a couple of really nice guys from the whole dilemma...some that I would consider good friends now. But the wierdest guy of this dude from the pool...very cute guy, and I've had a crush on him since the first time I saw him at the swimming pool. And we talk a whole lot all the time, for hours whenever I saw the whole confusion thing for me is that...we've been out together several times and everytime we go out, he pays for everything...and he's super sweet and we always have great conversation...but then this last time I went to the was really wierd and I felt so awkward. Maybe he's just super busy...and found some other girl...I have no idea...but total confusing for me. And so I've decided that I am giving up on general!! I'm definitely still going out keeping my options open...and just have fun. But I'm not going to be expecting much from the opposite sex...I think maybe my expectations are too high...and my standards are too high, I'm not perfect so I shouldn't expect boys to be perfect either...but the thing is...I really don't ask for much and I'm not that picky...but yet I still get stuck with the wierd guys!! AHHHHHH...the frustration!!

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