Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Heading to the Frisco Bay

This past weekend I went up to San Francisco. It was so nice...such a refreshing eye opening trip to some things new and some things old. Its been really stressful for me here in San Diego, so I was really looking forward to get away. I had a list of what I wanted to do up in the city:
1. Alcatraz (including the audio tour)
2. Ansel Adams Center for Photography
3. Chinatown (Moon Festival)
4. Fisherman's Wharf
5. Ghiradelli Square
6. Golden Gate Bridge
7. Pier 39
8. Union Square
9. SF Museum of Modern Art
10. Lovefest
I took Friday off of work and flew up to San Jose, rented a car and drove up to San Francisco. We spent the whole day at Fisherman's Wharf to do the touristy thing. I got to eat at Pier 39 (check) and we made reservations for Alcatraz (check). I highly recommend doing the audio tour...it was super fun. I've been up to the city so many times and never did go to alcatraz, so I just had to go this time. I loved it. Then we just walked around Fisherman's Wharf (check) and watched the coolest musical, Menopause the Musical. It was so much fun. I haven't laughed that much for a long time. Then we drove back to San Jose to stay at my friend's place. Thanks Kristina!!

Saturday...we went to LoveFest (check). This was definitely something different. I'm not so into electronic dance music, but I really loved it!! The atmosphere was great, the energy was fun and the music was excellent. There were lots of people dressed up, I never saw so many naked men, fuzzy furry pants, and wigs in my life. Next year I'm definitely dressing up. I think the bunny outfit was my favorite!! Then we headed over to chinatown for the moon festival (check). Then we headed over to Ghiradelli Square (check) for yummy ice cream, chocolates, and coffee. I was able to meet up with some more good friends and it was so nice...it made me really miss them.

Sunday...went back up to San Francisco for breakfast and then shopping at Union Square (check). I really do like the shopping and all the stores especially the H & M store!! They definitely need to bring one down to SD. I know they are opening up one in Beverly Hills and Pasadena! Then we hit the 7 story Macy's, FCUK, Old Navy, and Urban outfitters. Then it was on my way home to LAX. On the ride back I ran into an old friend from high school. What a small world.

So Overall I give SF two thumbs up...I wouldn't mind living up there. Public transportation is great, always something going on, liberal thinking, love the city, and there is so much culture!! Love it. So of the 10 things I wanted to do...I did 7 out of 10...not bad. I can't wait to go back up. Thanks to all my friends up there for taking some time to play with me!!

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ANNA-LYS said...

Hola, mellamo Anna-Lys (Sweden)
I lived in San Francisco during the flower-power period looooong time ago. Just want to thank you for publishing some pic's from overthere :-D

Take Care,