Friday, September 29, 2006

Some time to breath

It's Friday night! I've been so busy lately...even on the weekends I just don't have time to relax. Finally I decided to take it a bit easy and just plan a Friday night at home catching up on all the fall shows on TV that I've recorded. I'm debating on getting DVR...I think for me its well worth it. We'll see...or tivo...

I think I'll actually fall asleep early tonight and then wake up for a fun filled Saturday...including heading up to Irvine for a Flogging Molly and Bedouin Soundclash concert. I'm mostly there to see Bedouin...I've never seen them live before but I love their album and music and I've heard that they are great live! I'm excited. Sunday...driving back up to spend some time with my Dad.

October 5th...there will be a rally to drive the Bush regime out. Of course I don't think it will ever happen, we'll just have to do a countdown till 2008. I can't wait. But it seems like so far away. I hope to attend the rally down in San Diego. I've never really particpated in anything like this, but I think its important. I guess you could say I'm a bit more left wing than right wing. Almost everything that Bush presents, I completely disagree. The fact that he won the second election truly blew my mind. I was so sad. Please if you can make this rally...GO...let me know if you want to check it out!!

Peace Love and Recycle.

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