Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk

I am starting to listen to different music now...when I was little I usually just listened to what my parents listened to...The Beatles, BeeGees, Rod Stewart, and Lionel Richie. Then in high school I mostly listened to Sublime, HomeGrown, Unwritten Law, 311, Bush and Blink182. College I listened to a lot of pop and hip hop...Ricky Martin, Shakira, Nsync, Britney Spears, and 80's. Now...I pretty much listen and will try anything. I started getting into more dance/electronic music due to the influences of a couple of friends and after lovefest how can you not like that music. And now I'm getting into a lot of folky music...currently I am loving Matt Costa...I don't think there is one song that I don't like on his album. It's so good. Other small artists that you might want to try are Joshua Radin, Rufus Wainwright, Snow Patrol, Turin Brakes, Athlete, Imogen Heap, Jump Little Children, and Priscilla Ahn. It's a bit different from what I'm used to, but if your in the mood for something different, I would definitely try some of these artist. They are new to me and all in my them. Try something new.

Peace Love and Soul

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