Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My first Swan Lake Ballet

This past weekend the something "new" that I did was to watch my first ballet ever. Although when I was younger I took ballet and tap dancing, I remember I was in a few recitals. I did like ballet, I just hated wearing those tights and leotards, you see, I wasn't the skinniest of kids growing up, so wearing those things didn't flatter me much. I always felt insecure, and I think if I were to wear the same outfit now at 26, I'd still feel the same way...I am so not a ballerina. But anyways, off subject...the ballet...it was very good. We watched the Kirov Ballet perform Swan Lake. They were performing at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, which has been remodeled into a very beautiful concert hall...I remember when I was younger going there for some plays, and it wasn't as nice, but now its really amazing. I loved it. It was different, the performance plus the live orchestra, it was good. Plus I'd have to say those guys with the tights...they have very muscular legs and nice butts. And the ballerinas, especially the one who plays odelle, she was amazing with her turns and jumps and spins all on her toes. I couldn't believe it.

Also on a small sidenote...I watched The Prestige this weekend...Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale = good combo. Great movie. Lots of twist and turns...loved it.
Peace . Love . Tutus .

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