Thursday, October 19, 2006

Santa Ana brings beautiful Sunsets

Unfortunately I am still at work. But the very cool part about being at work late during the fall season is to see the very pretty sunsets. I am lucky to have probably the best view anyone can ask for at my work. Looking out I see the N.Torrey Pines Golf Course and then the cliffs straight into the ocean. It truly is breathtaking and something I will miss a whole lot when I leave. The Santa Ana winds came in today bringing with it dry weather, but also blowing out a lot of the haziness we get along the coast, making today a beautiful and clear day at the beach. Over the horizon I can see an island popping out of the ocean and the sky is a bright pink/orange. I'll have to take a picture and post it on here soon. But I just sat there and watched the sunset with my co-workers, it's so pretty. During the Summer time I'm not here late enough for the sunsets, its during this time in the fall when I'm still at work where I can enjoy my sunsets again.
Peace, Love, and Sunsets.

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