Saturday, December 13, 2008

Concert Reviews

I've been going to a lot of concerts this past year...I figured I would do a Concert review since it's now the end of the year.

KROQ Acoustic Christmas 2007 @ Gibson
I actually came here last year, it's going on again this today actually, but I wasn't able to get any tickets. So sad. I really like the line up for night 1: Offspring, STP!!

Anyways last year it was a good lineup as well. I went to night 2 and got to see:
Spoon - Such a great band, they were really good. I ended up buying their CD after the concert since I liked them so much.
Feist - Of course they played the song that you've been hearing on the ipod commercials. I actually have her CD as well and I love it. She was really great live, I give her 2 thumbs up.
The Shins - Good band, but not so memorable.
Silversun Pickups - A band I never really heard of at the time. I only recognized one song with radioplay. However, they were surprisingly great on stage. A lot of energy and overall just put on a fun show with the little time they had on stage.
Modest Mouse - I was really looking forward to this band. I love their music, even though I never understand what they are saying. They came out on stage with 2 full drum was crazy. I loved them. But they were cut short by a surprise guest which happen to be the Killers. They are always great live, so I was happy to see them.
Jimmy Eat World - I only know one song, and they played on for a long droning time. I was over it. I didn't like him.
MUSE - Can't go wrong ending with Muse. They were awesome. Probably one of the best bands I've seen live so far. For 3 skinny Brits, they totally made tons of noise. I also loved that the drummer wore a spiderman outfit. Random but funny. Great way to end the night.

Kelly Clarkson at Gibson

Gotta love Kelly. She was great. Although she didn't have anything too elaborate like most pop singers. She only wore one outfit, and I think she put on a vest over the outfit as one of her outfit changes. Sort of lame, but whatever. I love her songs, and she sounded really good. She had a Jon McLaughlin open for her and he wasn't too bad either. Played sort of the same sort of music except not as poppy and in a male voice. She sang her new stuff along with a lot of her old stuff. I would have to say the crowd was about 80% females and 20% male, and of the 20% male, about 98% were gay. You can't really beat belting out "Since You've Been Gone" with all the gays! It was so much fun.

Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls, Danity Kane at Sports Arena, San Diego

I was excited to watch Christina but more than that she was paired with PCD and DK!! I don't think I could have asked for a better girly popstar lineup. I love DK, more than PCD, so I was excited. The sports arena wasn't too bad. We got there early enough to see DK perform, and they were good. I'm not sure if they were lip syncing or not, but either way I love them. They had a very short performance, and this could be because they only have one album and they are still pretty new. So they sort of did a montage of their whole album. I liked it. PCD surprised me because I thought they were all about the dance and performance, but they could sing! At least two of them could sing. I was very impressed. Plus they all look fantastic. Then finally Christina Aguilera...she's so good at what she does. She sang her little lungs out. I can't believe that someone that little could have a voice that big. Her stage was amazing, with carasol pony and many many dress changes. I would definitely see her again. Never disappointed if she's on stage.

Editors, Hot Hot Heat, Louis XIV at HOB, Anaheim

I came here randomly, I only knew Louis XIV seeing them many times down in San Diego since they are a local band down there. Hot Hot Heat I've seen once at Street Scene down in SD as well. I thought they were great back then. Seeing them here in a smaller venue was fun. It got pretty crowded, but a very nice crowd to share the night with. Most of them of course being Editors fans. I never heard of Editors before this...they are an English band, and really really great. The lead singer totally doesn't look like what I expected from hearing his voice. Plus he's pretty cute. But he was really into his music which was great...he stood on the piano...he jumped around on stage. It was a good concert. I would definitely see anyone of these bands again for sure.

One Republic at HOB, Anaheim

I honestly only knew the one song with Timbaland. My friend invited me to go watch them. They were filming the concert as well, so it was packed. You could barely move and barely see the stage. It was all ages, so that was weird. All these little teeny boppers were there. So I think perhaps I was a bit too old to go to this concert. But oh was cheap and they weren't too bad. They had the stage mostly dark with red lights and candles. I didn't get it, but whatever. Everyone seemed to know the words to all the songs...I didn't...but it was all good. I don't think I would pay to see them again.
Greg Laswell, Northstar Sessions at Hotel Cafe

Matt Costa at OCPAC

I've been looking forward to this concert for the longest time. I've been wanting to see Matt Costa for the longest time and never had the chance. Bad timing I guess, until now! I was surprised with it being at the OCPAC because I've only gone to see plays and ballets here. But this was a smaller place, not their big auditorium. It was a nice little venue, I actually really liked it. The only thing I didn't like was the $8 beers and the crowd. I thought Matt was great as usual. I love his music, I always have from his first album. He played a wide range of his music and even some new stuff. He was really good, he busted out the harmonica...and it was fun. The crowd however was pretty boring. Even during "Miss Magnolia" no one really danced. I was dancing around because thats my favorite song...but it was only me and totally wasted white girl next to me dancing. There were a lot of teeny boppers again...and they were all dressed up, it was funny...come on now, this is a concert, not a club. But I guess thats an OC thing, to be boring and just look good and stand and listen. Not even some knee bending, toe tapping or hand slapping the leg to the beat??? Lame asses. But Matt was excellent. There was a band who played before him, but I don't remember who they were, they looked like some high school band that got together...didn't like them so much. I would definitely go see Matt again, but then again, I'm a big fan of his.

Jessica Fichot at Grand Ave. Festival

I came here for the Grand Ave. Festival. They had some little stages up and some people playing music. Right before I was about to leave, this girl goes up on stage. She reminded me of a little eskimo or something. She sang mostly french songs, but also sang some popular spanish songs and songs in english. Even though I had no idea what she was saying...I think one other song was in Russian or something...she was really great. Fun and interesting music. She had a great voice and she was just so cute. She played this tiny piano and also most of the songs she played her little squeezebox. Which is a totally underrated instrument, she should bring it back. I ended up buying her CD at the end of her performance. It's really not too bad. It's different, its truly eclectic. I know she plays at Hotel Cafe a lot, so perhaps I will catch her there one day.

Da Kah at Grand Ave. Festival

Free to go to during the festival. They actually performed in the Walt Disney Concert Hall...which is a place I've always wanted to check out since it opened. It's massive and is very impressive. Looks very similar to the gugeinheim in Spain. Same archetict. Beautiful structure. It was a lot smaller on the inside as I thought. But very comfortable seats. Da Kah was very interesting, it was pretty much a smashup of hip hop and classical music in one. They had a full out orchestra with some rappers and hip hop beats. It was interesting, very different. I like it. Very inspiring music and very passionate singers that they invited to sing with the orchestra.

Lollapolooza at Grant Park, Chicago

My first 3 day music festival, my first trip to was fantastic and I'm hooked. I hope to be able to attend this next year too, depending on the lineup. This year the lineup was amazing: Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails, Mark Ronson, Duffy, G.Love, Toadies, The Racantours, Gnarls Barkley, Bloc Party, Flogging Molly, Lupe Fiasco, MGMT...and so much more. I couldn't possibly write about all of them, because that would take up a lot of time!! Just know that if you ever get the chance to go to this...GO. Probably my most favorite band there was Rage...the crowd and the energy that they put out is crazy! I am happy that I got to see them...because they were gone and broke up for so long since I was in HS. Radiohead of course was great as usual. I almost cried at one point, because it was so good. They had the best light stage. Kanye was amazing for 1 man on stage playing in front of 250,000... he went crazy bananas up there. NIN sort of disappointing...they were okay. Mark Ronson was my surprise one...he was really good. Loved it loved it loved it! Can't wait till next year...wanna go??

Alicia Keys, Neyo, Jordin Sparks at Honda Center

We were actually a bit late for this concert. Parking was a bitch, we ended up paying $25 to park in Honda Center. I would suggest parking in the outside areas for $10 and walk, because you'll walk about the same distance from the Honda Center parking lot. The lines were long for everything, restrooms, beer, food. That park sucked. While we were waiting to get a beer, we ended up missing Jordin Sparks...thats okay with me...she sounded good. But we got in our seats in time to see Neyo. He was good, he was cute, and wore all white. He looked GOOD. Too bad my seats were so far away, I wouldn't mind seeing him up close and personal though. I love him. After Neyo...Alicia Keys came out...she was very good. She sang all her hit songs, and she sounds great live. She played her piano, and she had some good dancers too. I don't think I would pay money to see her again though, once was enough for me. But if you like her music, you should definitely check her out in person. You'll have a great time.

So You Think You Can Dance Tour at Honda Center

This wasn't necessarily a concert...but it's close enough, it's a traveling tour. I was obsessed over the show since it's been on. I went to see their tour last year at Nokia Theatre, and this time got a bigger group who was interested in seeing this season's tour. I liked the stage set up better than Alicia Keys, because it was too far away. This one was better...the dancers were great. Of course they were all little girls there with their moms'. It was cute though...people had shirts of their favorite dancers. They did all their dances from the show, including a bunch with Katie and Joshua. I had a great time watching them dance...I even tried to wait in the back to get a glimpse of them go to their tour buses. I know right, I'm so lame. I admit it. But I got tired of waiting so we just left. I can't wait till next season.

Madonna at Dodger Stadium

One of my favorite concerts by far...hello! it's MADONNA! I haven't been to Dodger Stadium for years...I just remember it being huge. But the traffic to get there was insane...the traffic started at the 101 going into the 110. It wasn't budging at all, and I had a feeling that all these people were going to see Madonna. Who would have thought that there would be this much traffic. Los Angeles definitely needs better public transportations especially when there is an event like this. Anyways...we finally got to the stadium almost 2 hours late. We ended up getting our seats upgraded which was really nice, which means she didn't sell out. She didn't have an opening band or anything...but she also didn't start till 10pm...perhaps she was also stuck in traffic. There were some famous people down by the pit that came to watch the show, we saw J.Lo and Lindsey Lohan. Once she finally started...everyone was super excited. She sang a lot of songs from her new album Hard Candy. She looked fantastic of course, and in one song, she featured Britney Spears and then Spears actually came out on stage just to say, "It's Britney Bitch!" So fun. I loved it. She looked decent but a bit underdressed...I wish she actually sang the song with Madonna. She played some new stuff, some old stuff, some classic stuff. It was high energy and her dancers kick some crazy ass. I think she lip sync most of the stuff, which was a bit disappointing. A highlight for me was her 4 minute song where Justin Timberlake came out to sing with her. Also she sang acapella to Evita!! She made a political statement with Obama winning the elections, but she was disappointed at prop 8 actually passing. With about 80% of the audience being was inspiring when she was talking about it. I was super tired by the end of the night and had to work the next morning...but it was totally worth it. I love her.

Celine Dion at Honda Center

I bought these tickets almost 10 months early. Since we tried so desperately to see her in Vegas before she left, and couldn't get tickets...we made sure we had tickets to her concert in November. I think just the anticipation to her concert was enough for me. Her opening act was a comedian from Vegas, he was so funny. I thought it was a good change, instead of having a singer. She came on...did her thing...she was wonderful. She looked good, she sounded fantastic. I was really surprised at how personal she was. She would talk to us...telling some stories and how she was feeling...I ate it up, loved all of it. She sang The Prayer with a recording of Andrea Bacelli, and I almost cried, it was so good. And of course she ended with My Heart Will Go On. I will never get tired of that song. I love Celine!

The Cure at Hollywood Bowl

The Cure is back!! My first time seeing the cure...I couldn't miss this because they were playing at my favorite place the Hollywood Bowl. We went there early and had a lovely picnic, the weather was great. I paid extra for padded's worth it. I think they were only 75 cents. You could bring your own stuff too. I brought extra blankets to curl up in when it gets cold. The Cure didn't have anyone open for them. All I gotta say is that Robert Smith gained a bunch of weight. I almost didn't recognize him, but he still has the same face and same hair cut. They played all their hits...which is a lot, so I had a great time singing along. They probably came out on stage for about 5 encores...such a great band to watch. Takes you back to those days when you were young!

An Evening with Julie Andrews at the Hollywood Bowl

I wasn't able to make the "Sound of Music Sing-a-long" this year, but we were able to catch an evening with Julie Andrews. It was interesting, because she did a lot of talking about her life and what she went through. She had guest singers which were broadway people who sang some of her old songs with her. They also sang on their own and she sang on her own too, but not the whole night. The second half was a narrated performance of a child's book she was putting out. It was interesting. I think she's such an icon, so I was in happyland just watching her sing. I was hoping she would sing more, but I understand that she had vocal surgery awhile ago which now hinders her from singing. But she still sounded great and looked good, she's a classy lady.

I'm sure I went to other concerts throughout the year that I just can't think of right now...but I'm looking forward to my first concert of 2009...John Legend...he has his new album out and I saw him on tour when he had Once Again I'm excited!


Mike T. said...

You've been to some rockin concerts. I bet the Cure at the Bowl was freaking awesome!

lily said...

It was indeed!! It was my first cure concert and I always enjoy the bowl, so it was awesome!