Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Years Resolution 2010

I'm not even going to attempt the losing weight's almost impossible for me. I can try to eat healthier and exercise more. But that's not going to be my new years resolution. For 2010, I'm going to try what I did in 2005, which is to try something new every week. Doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's new. A new restaurant, a new movie, a new hike, new travels...endless possibilities.

So for WEEK 1 of the 2010 "Trying something new"

Red Bull No Limits: Travis Pastrana jumped the Long Beach Pier in a Subaru rally car.

I was looking for something I can take my little cousins (age 8-12) to enjoy for NYE. It would be a fun and sober NYE for me, which is all good. We ended up taking the Metro from Norwalk to Downtown Long Beach, which for rides after 9pm on NYE the metro was free!

We arrived right when Travis Pastrana was gonna jump. I honestly couldn't see much, his car went by so fast it was just a blur. But he made it safe and sound to the barge 270 ft away in the water. He's one crazy dude. The kids seem to like it so that was good. The event was actually pretty huge, they had motorcycle jumping and drifting exhibits. It was great for kids and me, cause I never really cared much for motorcross or rally car racing...but after coming to this event, I wouldn't mind going to other events like this.

So week 1 of something new: I saw a man drive a rally car over 250 ft in the air and landed on a barge in the ocean! And I discovered that I might like motorcross more than I thought.

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